The Brews Brothers ingredient kit.

Beer and Wine Making

The Brews Brothers at Kedco

Kedco is New York's largest beer and wine making supplies store. Kedco is located in Farmingdale, New York on Long Island. The Brews Brothers at Kedco carries all of the at-home beer brewing and wine making supplies you need to make great beer and wine. The Brews Brothers stocks a wide variety of equipment and ingredient kits in addition to sterilizers and racking and bottling equipment. We also provide expert onsite guidance and recommendations for brewers of all skill levels.

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The Brews Brothers at Kedco will help any home brewer at any experience level improve their beer or wine making skills. Equipment kits, ingredient kits, malt extracts, yeast, hops, grains, beer additives, cleaners, bottles, labels, and racking equipment
Brews Brothers at Kedco fridge with yeast, hops, and other ingredients.

From our customers


The homebrew supply staff are very knowledgeable and willing to accommodate most requests. They have plenty of choices for grains and hops. Base malts are sold by the pound at any interval. Specialty malts are sold by the 1 pound package. All of which are available to be milled to meet your recipe requirements.

Their range of equipment is available for any homebrew level, from starter kits to advanced all-grain systems.

Joseph C.

Long Island, NY


I’ve been coming here for beer and wine kits for years. Dave and his vast knowledge of the craft brewing is second to none. This is a top notch business run by top notch gentleman whom I only wish I could spend more money with to support. Dave has the patients of a saint for the novice, and a well stocked supply room to keep my hobby flourishing. Kedco is a hidden gem of Long Island.

Paul I.

Long Island, NY